Either You Is Or You Ain’t

For years we danced around our addiction. “I’m really not an alcoholic, I’m just a heavy drinker”. “I’m really not a food addict, I’ve just always been a big eater”. “I’m really not a drug addict, because a doctor prescribed these meds for me”. We could have gone on for an entire lifetime just sitting on the fence about our addiction. The problem with not making a statement of admission is that as long as we failed to do so, we were able to remain in denial about our drug of choice. Even if we attended meetings and got a sponsor, little of the program stuck. It was like we were encased in a sheath of WD 40 oil of denial. Every time someone gave us a suggestion we nodded our head in agreement, but on some level it just slipped away because there was no surface for it to adhere to. We clung to that false hope that we weren’t that drug addict or alcoholic. We reasoned that as long as we denied it, then somehow our problems were less serious than they actually appeared. When we had the courage to admit that we were powerless over our drug of choice; we became like a magnet attracting the gift of sobriety.

Personal Reflection: Am I still in denial about some aspect of my addiction of choice?

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