Another Friend Of Bill W’s

So you’re at a party or some type of social gathering. You’re holding a club soda with 2 slices of lemon or 2 stirrers sticking out of your glass like you always do. You make your drink unique looking so that you won’t by mistake reach for one that has alcohol in it. This has happened to many of us and we don’t want a repeat performance. You begin a conversation with the person standing next to you. Within a few minutes you feel very comfortable talking to them. We’ve all felt that sense of connection sometimes with people we have just met. Then, they say something that peaks our interest. Perhaps they will say, “one day a time”, or “easy does it” or some other slogan from the program. Now of course these days, many of these slogans have become part of our lexicon. You know you feel connected to the person and would like to find out if they’re in the program. At the same time, you want to ensure both your anonymity and theirs. We have a great way of doing that. We say, “are you a friend of Bill W? If they say “Bill who”, you’ve received your answer. If they say yes, you probably have even more to talk about.

Personal Reflection: How do you expand your sober network?

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