If It Doesn’t Open; It’s Not Your Door

During our drinking or using career, we experienced many disappointments and failures. We invariably railed against the people or organizations who had “caused” our problems. It was always because of someone or something else. During that time period, we did not have the capacity to accept any type of personal responsibility. We were the victims of all the perpetrators in the world. If we had only gotten a break we thought, we would have soared forward.
In sobriety we started to learn about personal responsibility. We began to move away from that victim mentality. In reviewing our past we acknowledged that many of our failures were of our own cause. We were also able to admit our role in failures that occurred in sobriety as well. Then we began to encounter an interesting phenomenon. We seemed to do everything right, and still didn’t get the job, the raise, the date or the loan. We racked our brains and couldn’t figure out what we had done wrong. With time we came to understood that we had done nothing wrong. It was just another life lesson of emotional sobriety. We could do everything right,and still not achieve what we wanted. The universe was just choosing not to satisfy our want in that moment; but was meeting the need of someone else. We were able to let go of our attachment because we knew that our Higher Power would provide for us in the future.

Personal Reflection: Am I still attempting to open the wrong doors?

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