Never Argue With A Drunk Or An Addict

Once we’ve entered the program we will often encounter people who are active in their addiction. In the past, before sobriety, we might have been good acquaintances or even best friends with some of these people. Back then, their behavior seemed quite normal. Now, looking at them with sober eyes, we see something quite different. We are able to recognize that they are alcohol, drug or food addicts. When we attempt to tell them that this is they case, their usual response is to vehemently deny that this is so. Sometimes they become quite agitated and defensive. “How dare we accuse them of being an addict”. They might even want to engage in a shouting match with us. When any of these things happen, the best approach is to detach with love. It is obvious that they are not ready to take an honest look at who they are. No argument on our part will convince them that they have a problem. The best thing we can do for them is to pray for them. To pray that they have a spiritual awakening about their condition. Unfortunately, many of us have to hit bottom before we can admit that we are an alcoholic or an addict. Perhaps we can pray that they have a high bottom after which they awaken to who they really are.

Personal Reflection: Do I need to pray for an active alcoholic or addict?

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