Don’t Complain About Things You’re Not Willing to Change

If you wanted to, you could probably spend your entire day in a rant about how nothing has gone your way. There is certainly enough material for us to complain about on a daily basis. I mean, has a day passed in the history of mankind where everything went according to plan? Where we didn’t have to suddenly scramble to take care of something. Where we either lost something, missed something or forgot something important. No, every day for everyone has multiple challenges.
The question is, really, the big question is what are you going to do about it. The easy way out is to play the victim and just complain. The problem with that is that it accomplishes nothing. Plus, it’s probably one of the quickest ways to lose friends. Who wants to be around someone who is a negative presence all the time. So there are a number of healthy steps we can take. When something has the potential to negatively affect us, we can make a choice in how to respond. Responding negatively does not have to be our default position. In the program we also recommend self assessment as to how we contributed to, or set ourselves up for the problem in the first place. Were you really surprised that their were no parking spaces when you came a half hour late to the meeting. When we ask that type of question, we discover far fewer things to complain about.

Personal Reflection: Do I complain too much?

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