In Order To Change The Way We Feel We Need To Change The Way We Act

Many of us sought out therapy while we were active in our addiction. Some of us went for years and saw little or no improvement. Finally we went to a therapist who quickly picked up that we had a problem with drugs, alcohol or food. As part of their treatment recommendations they suggested that we go to NA, AA or OA. We didn’t understand why they would make that recommendation. Wouldn’t therapy have sufficed to deal with our problems? The fact of the matter is that we had tried that route to no avail.
What we discovered was that the program had a very different approach. Yes it was more than okay to talk about all of the feelings that were coming up for you in early sobriety. In fact we encouraged that. However, the essence of the program was not about focusing on our feelings. It was a program of action. The very first action was to practice sobriety around our drug of choice. Just by taking that action, we noticed that a lot of our negative feelings began to dissipate. When we started work on step four; we began to take personal responsibility for our actions. When we did that, many of our resentments and feelings of anger dissipated. There was power in the behavior choices we made.

Personal Reflection: What area of my behavior needs attention?

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