You Are Not Alone

It took a lot of courage for us to enter the rooms of AA, NA or OA. Most of us walked through those doors for the first time alone. It was a daunting experience. We had no idea what to expect. At first some of what we heard sounded pretty darn strange. What exactly did you mean by “take it easy” and what was with that “think” sign hung upside down? We had also never heard people talk with such honesty about themselves and their challenges.

At the end of our first meeting, someone usually came over with a meeting book. What really impressed us was that the last page of the book was filled with the names and numbers of people from the meeting. People also came over to us and asked for our number as well. Before that meeting we thought we would have travel the road to sobriety alone. After that first meeting we realized that we would never be alone on that journey. Members of the fellowship would be there for us anytime we called upon them. We chose one member to become our sponsor and developed a relationship with him or her unlike any we had ever had before. We felt safe speaking about anything and were never judged for it. We also began to develop a relationship with a Higher Power who would never leave us.

Personal Reflection: How do I utilize the fellowship for support?


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