There Is Only One Way To Coast And That Is Downhill

If you’ve ever gone to a professional sports match, it’s quite amazing just how good the players are. In fact they make it look so easy that more than one spectator has said, “I could do that”. If they thought about it, they would realize just how mistaken they were. For example, a pitch in the major leagues goes upwards of 100 miles an hour. Before you had begun to swing the bat, it would already have passed over the plate. The batter who gets a base hit seems to do so effortlessly, but it took years of training and thousands of hours of practice to be able to hit that ball.
The same holds true for all facets in life including recovery. Sometimes you’ll see someone who just exudes the program. He or she really seems to be “happy, joyous and free”, with a strong connection to their Higher Power. Because they seem so serene you might believe they got to where they were with little effort. Do you think they just flowed into recovery and emotional sobriety? To quote a line from the movie Moonstruck, “snap out of it”. Just like that professional ball player, people that have good recovery worked hard to achieve it. Just as importantly, they continue to put in daily effort to maintain it.

Personal Reflection: Have I been coasting in the program?

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