Recovery Is An Education Without A Graduation

Every year thousands of students look forward to the month of June. That is when they graduate from high school or college. Especially in the case of college, there is often a collective sigh of relief. By that point, many of the students have reached their quota of exam taking and term papers. They want to graduate, begin paying off their student loans and hopefully enter the work force. Many of them never want to open a text book again. They certainly never want to enter a lecture hall again. For them, they have closed the chapter on their education career.
We in the program probably had similar feelings about our formal education. However, when it came to our recovery we felt vey differently. As we began to embark upon our pathway of self discovery, we quickly realized that there was no graduation date. Each day we saw that we needed to go deeper and deeper into our healing. In particular, we found that as we pursued emotional sobriety, it gave us unlimited opportunities for daily work. We also found that when we failed to work on ourselves on a daily basis, we definitely observed slippage. Some of those old character defects came roaring back.

Personal Reflection: What aspect of my recovery am I currently working on?

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