We Came To These Rooms Not Because We Drank(Or Used Or Ate) A Lot, But Because We Drank (Or Used Or Ate) Too Much

It took a long time for some of us to make it into the rooms. Part of the reason is that we had a distorted view of who filled the seats in our program. We often had the view that alcoholics were men from the Bowery, drug addicts were all daily crack smokers or heroin users and food addicts were only people who were obese. Since we didn’t fit into any of these categories, we reasoned that we did not belong in the program. Still, on some intuitive level, or perhaps because someone was trying to 12 step us, or perhaps because of problems at home or at work; we sensed that we had a problem.
Then one day someone said to us, “do you have a desire to stop drinking, drugging or binging”? Nowhere in that question was a reference to how much we used. There was no magic number that if we hit it we qualified for the program. Rather, it was a more personalized question. Is your alcohol, food or drug usage no longer working for you. What mattered was how it was affecting your life; not how much was being ingested. That’s when we became ready to finally enter the program.

Personal Reflection: How did I finally realize that I was using too much?

2 thoughts on “We Came To These Rooms Not Because We Drank(Or Used Or Ate) A Lot, But Because We Drank (Or Used Or Ate) Too Much

  1. I was addicted to meth for a year and I’ve been six years clean now.
    I first started noticing I had a problem around the time I quit.
    I used all night with friends and i didn’t know it at the time but there was some other chemicals in it.
    I thought i was going to die but luckily I went home and my mom was there at the time to help me but I’ve never seen her more scared.
    The scare slowed me down but didn’t stop me from using, it’s what made me realise I needed help though.

    Hopefully this can help. I really like how you do the personal reflections on your posts!

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