Decisions Aren’t Forever

It’s taken a long time for some of us to learn one of life’s basic principles; that we have the right to change our mind. There are very few things in this life for which we are unable to reverse ourselves. We can change our career, end or begin a relationship or take up water polo. So if this is a truism of life, why are there so many people stuck in decisions that are no longer working for them, and perhaps never worked for them. The main reason people do this is because of fear. We are often afraid to make that change because we fear that we will fail in that new endeavor. Many of us reason that although I’m unhappy with this situation, at least it’s one I know. There is comfort in the familiar; even when it’s no longer working for us. Then there are those who fail to make changes because they fear the disapproval of others. “What will my friends, wife, husband, parents, siblings or co-workers think”? For many, concern over what other’s thinks can squash our aspirations for change.
With all that, each time we shift or even reverse course we make a deposit in our emotional and spiritual bank accounts. The more resistance we encounter, the greater the deposit.

Personal Reflection: Is there a decision I’ve made which needs to be reviewed?

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