Nobody Trips Over Mountains. It’s The Small Pebble That Causes You To Stumble

Relapse is a very enigmatic topic. We are often stunned when someone with long term sobriety goes out. When they finally make it back into the rooms, they often speak honestly about what happened. How did they end up in that bar ordering drinks, or on that corner buying drugs, or in that bakery buying a sheet cake? There seems to be a common denominator with all of them. None of them will say that they got up that morning and just decided to go to the bar, the street corner or the bakery. That was actually the last stop before they picked up. There was a progression of thoughts and actions which led them to that point. Perhaps a month before; they had needed to buy a birthday present for someone and went into a liquor store to buy a gift. Perhaps a sibling had asked for help in baking a chocolate cake for an upcoming wedding anniversary. A small action can cause a chain of events with serious consequences. The same applies to our emotional sobriety as well. We can not allow something like a “small” resentment to linger. Before we know it, it could snowball into something far more serious and destructive.

Personal Reflection: Have I stumbled over any pebbles lately?

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