It Takes Courage To Grow Up And Turn Out To Be Who You Really Are

Sometimes we will see someone behaving in an immature way and jokingly say, “ah, another case of arrested development”. Most of the people in this category just have a temporary lapse of mature judgement. They usually return to their normal state by the next day. We members of AA, NA and OA are in a somewhat different category. It has often been said, that the day that we picked up our substance of choice, was the day we stopped growing emotionally, psychically and spiritually. That is why, when we put down our drug of choice, we are in a state of great confusion. Many of us started using in our late teens or early twenties. Then came decades of drinking or drugging. Upon stopping we suddenly realized that chronologically we might be middle aged, but emotionally and spiritually we were still in our formative years. It was as if we had put our lives on hold for a very, very long time. We lacked many life skills. We really didn’t know who we were or how to fulfill our potential. By going to meetings, getting and speaking with a sponsor and doing step work, life began to change. We started to development spiritual and emotional awareness and began to become the man or woman we were meant to be.

Personal Reflection: Who were you meant to be?

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