We Can Be Positive That Our Thinking Was Negative

Every decade scientists have made progress in finding cures and treatments for various diseases. A generation ago, the epidemics of polio were eliminated with the Salk vaccine. More recently, great strides have been made in the areas of cancer and cardiovascular research. With all that, one of the most prevalent diseases of the millennia has remained largely untreated. In fact, one could argue that there has been an epidemic of the disease. Almost everyone you meet is suffering it to some degree. We are of course referring to the condition of “negativity”. The symptoms are easy enough to identify. They include irritability, feelings of resentment, self belittlement and personal doubt. This disease is found in the workplace as well as in people’s homes, and especially on highways and other modes of public transportation. Unfortunately, the researchers have not come up with a vaccine to prevent this malady. What has been discovered is that individuals actually do have some tools to help alleviate some of the symptoms of negativity. One that has been shown to be remarkably effective is the expression of gratitude throughout of day. The latest research seems to indicate that when we not only have thoughts of gratitude, but actually verbally express it, their is an immediate relief of the symptoms of negativity. Sharing our feelings with others and and doing service also seem to have promise in treating the negativity disease.

Personal Reflection: What home remedies do I use for negativity?

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