Whatever Bothered Us During The Day; That’s What We Should Talk About

It’s pretty easy to spot the newcomer. They are often the ones who are sitting in the back of the room trying to melt into the furniture. The ones who when the person leading the meeting looks around to call on someone will immediately avert their eyes. The ones who run out as soon as the meeting is over. Perhaps they will talk to their sponsor about their discomfort at being at meetings. “What shall I talk about? I have nothing to speak about”, they will say. The reality is that each of us really has a lot to say. While we were active, we had so tamped down our feelings with our drug of choice that we hadn’t the foggiest idea of what we felt. As we began to accept life on life’s terms, we discovered that we had a lot of fear, resentment, anger, jealousy, et al arising every day. As an addict, it was critically important for us to be able to unload those feelings either with our sponsor or at a meeting. When we kept those negative thoughts bottled up they continued to build up in us. Unfortunately, when we did so, the chances of us pursuing our drug of choice to soothe ourselves greatly increased. Sharing at meetings was a much healthier, more intelligent and far safer alternative.

Personal Reflection: What do I need to share today?

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