A Good Exercise For The Heart Is To Bend Down And Pick Another Person Up

These days there is much greater awareness about heart health. People are altering their diets and eating cleaner and healthier food. There is far more awareness about issues like stress and obesity. The American Medical Association recommends aerobic exercise and walking 10,000 steps a day. All of these will definitely aid in the improvement of cardiovascular health.
There is another type of heart health, that is often neglected as well. We are talking about emotional heart health. What is the prescription for those suffering from a heart that is pained by guilt or loss. Or even a heart that is so covered over that almost nothing can penetrate it’s hard lacquered veneer. Of course talking to a friend or a therapist can be helpful. Beyond that, we have found that helping another person who is suffering is often the best course of action. This might seem counter-intuitive. When we are immersed in our own problems, the last thing we want to do is go help someone else. We would rather stay in bed watching television and nursing our wounds. That is exactly the time we need to reach out and help another member whose heart is also emotionally under attack. When we are able to get outside of ourselves and help another, a little bit of sunlight can pierce the hearts of our fellow. We have also found that some of the veils covering our own heart are lifted in the process as well.

Personal Reflection: How do I exercise my heart?

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