There Are No Shortcuts To Any Place Worth Going

We encounter all different kinds of people in the rooms. What we have in common is that all us have stopped using our drug of choice. Beyond that we are like a wildflower garden with a thousand varieties. There are of course the external differences. We come in different genders, ages and hues. Probably we are the only institution in the world that has so many varied religious beliefs sitting under one roof at the same time. But, there is another aspect to our differences. Some people in the program are truly “happy, joyous and free”. Initially, one might chalk us this up them being born that way. “They’re one of the lucky ones like the Hollywood stars who were blessed with great looks and perfect teeth”.
The reality is that our fellow members would be the first to say that they used to be negative, bitter, unhappy and ungrateful people. Their journey of personal transformation did not happen overnight. They have spent years on working the program. Every day they allot serious time for the maintenance of their sobriety. They speak with their sponsor, go to meetings, and take service commitments. Perhaps most importantly they integrate the steps into their lives. So, if they have a resentment they do a tenth step and when they are wrong admit it and make amends. Every time they let go of a resentment, their happiness quotient rises.

Personal Reflection: Am I happy, joyous and free?

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