Get Humble Or Be Made Humble

We believe that there is a certain order to the universe. Take humility for example. It is one of the cornerstones to our program. A big part of our work is to do a fearless and searching moral inventory of ourselves. It definitely takes humility to admit to our defects of character. Perhaps in the past we had consistently placed blame on others to explain away our failures or problems. Now for the first time we were able to admit to the role we had played in these life events. In fact, when appropriate, we were able to claim the lion’s share of responsibility.
Once we had admitted “our part”, we sought out people we had harmed and made our amends. This often took courage and quite frequently caused quite a bit of discomfort for us as well.
Some of us however refused to admit our wrongs and our defects of character. We then discovered that if we weren’t going to admit to our pride and arrogance, then life itself would somehow force us to do so. When that happened it was a lot more painful than if we had come to that conclusion on our own.

Personal Reflection: Did I have to be made humble?

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