If You Had My Life You Would Drink (Or Use, Or Eat) Too

Many people prior to entering the program thought they were terminally unique. Their view of the world was often skewed. For instance, because they were often isolators or self absorbed, they really had no idea what was happening with other people. Thus, they often had the attitude that their life was somehow more challenging and difficult than that of the majority of other people. Because of this, they justified their drug of choice as a type of self medication administered because life had dealt them the worst possible hand. They reasoned that if they had been dealt a better hand they wouldn’t have turned to drugs and alcohol.
Upon entering the rooms, they learned some valuable life lessons. They encountered people in the program who had were facing major life crises. These included serious illness, bankruptcy, loss of loved ones and problems with relationships. To the newcomer’s amazement, problems were faced by these people without a drink or a drug or a substance. What really astonished them was that these same people at meetings were able to express gratitude for their lives. Upon seeing and hearing this, the newcomer began to reassess his or her own life. Perhaps their problems weren’t as insurmountable as they had once thought. Given that this was the case, perhaps they could obtain sobriety one day at a time.

Personal Reflection: Do I have enough gratitude?

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