Attitudes Are Contagious. Is Yours Worth Catching?

Many species in the world are social creatures. If you disturb some bees outside of their hive, you will very quickly discover just how social they are. In short order, the few bees you upset are able to communicate to their brethren that they are being bothered. Suddenly you are confronted with a swarm of bees that are just as mad as the ones you initially encountered.
We humans are very much the same way. We can easily be affected by the attitudes of others around us. That it is why, especially in early sobriety, it is so important to choose who we surround ourselves with. Do you want to be with people who have a deep connection to their Higher Power; and who are serious about their journey of personal transformation? Or, do you want to be with people who are acting out, negative and fail to take responsibility for their actions? It is very hard to not be affected by the attitudes of others; so we might as well choose to associate with positive spiritually fit people.
Part of our own growth is to carefully examine our own attitudes. Are people seeking us out because they like our energy. Or, do they run in the opposite direction when they see us coming.

Personal Reflections: Do I seek out the right kinds of people?
Do  I have an attitude worth catching?

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