You Don’t Need A Permission Slip To Live Your Life

For a long time our lives were put on hold. While we were active in our addiction, we stayed stuck like an ancient ant caught in amber. The day’s changed but the end results were always the same.
When we finally put down the drink, drug or food, we suddenly faced the fact that we had not progressed for years and sometimes decades. We followed the advice of our sponsor and got a medical check up, perhaps the first one in many years. Some of us embarked on a decluttering campaign. It felt good to able to let go of “stuff” for the first time in a long time. The real work began as we integrated back into society. After that pink cloud wore off, we realized that we lacked many of the basic tools of life. Perhaps, initially we called our sponsor for advice regarding the simplest of decisions. There reached a point however where we needed to fly solo so to speak. This was definitely a learning curve for us. Along the way we made some mistakes, in fact some pretty big ones. But that was ok; because we discovered the joy of being an independent, productive member of society. We began to be able to rely on our own sober judgment for making decisions, and had many successes as a result.

Personal Reflection: Do I still rely too much on others in making decisions?

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