There Are 2 Days In Every Week Which We Have No Control Over — Yesterday And Tomorrow. Today Is The Only Day We Can Change

Sometimes a question can be answered on different levels. Take for instance the question, “where do you spend most of your time?” The simple interpretation of this question is that it is referring to place. Thus a person might answer, “the office”, “on the road”, “at school” or “at home.” This question can also be answered as it applies to time. In that case, we can either be in the past, the present or the future.
In the program, we strive to spend most of our time in the present. Yes, it is pleasant sometimes to wax nostalgic about the past or dream about the future. These both have their place in how we spend our time. However, when we get lost in obsessing about the past or ruminating about the future, we are essentially wasting our time. We can not undo what occurred in the past, and we are essentially wasting our time when we attempt to do so. The same holds true for the future. We really have no control as to how the future will turn out. If you think differently talk to people who bet on horse races. The only thing which we can hope to influence is the present. That’s where we need to concentrate our efforts.

Personal Reflection: Where do I spend most of my time?

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