Resentments Are Like Stray Cats; If You Don’t Feed Them They’ll Go Away

We may not have been successful in many areas of our our lives, but as far as resentments were concerned, we were master craftsmen. We could create a resentment at the drop of a hat. The problem was that while we were active in our addiction; we didn’t even realize that we were in this negative state. In fact, we often puffed ourselves up in self righteousness; or fell into the despair of victimization.
When we finally entered the program we came to see how destructive our resentments had been. We had broken friendships and ruined relationships to show for them. As our minds began to clear it pained us greatly how much energy we had expended on often imagined wrongs against us. We really wanted to drop the resentments, but just didn’t know how. Then perhaps someone from a meeting suggested to us that resentments could only be sustained when we fed them. With diligence, as we felt a resentment building we could choose to not feed it. At first, we were only occasionally successful in this endeavor. However, over time, like any muscle, our ability to resist resentments got stronger thru practice. We even began to starve some of our long standing resentments as well.

Personal Reflection: Do I need to stop feeding my resentments?

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