We Forgive To Be Forgiven

In the old days we wore our resentments on our sleeves. There were so many people who we felt had wronged us in some way. We viewed life as hard and unforgiving so we decided to respond in kind. We were negative, bitter and unhappy people.Then we entered the program. We started to realize just how many resentments we were carrying around with us. It was almost like we were wearing a suit of negativity that weighed us down wherever we went. But that suit wasn’t permanent. We could shed layers of bitterness by beginning to forgive others for their perceived wrongs against us. Along the way we realized that we couldn’t even remember what some of those perceived wrongs had been. Then there were others which were actually minor in character but had been magnified by us while we were in our victim mode. Even where a real wrong had occurred; forgiveness was in order. The real breakthrough came as we began to forgive ourselves for all of our humanness and imperfection. This could only have taken place once when we became able to honestly look at ourselves and see our character defects; without buffering our weaknesses. Yet at the same time beginning to display a degree of compassion which had previously been unknown to us.

Personal Reflection: Where do I still need to practice forgiveness in my life?

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