The Miracle Happens When We Get Sober. The Magic Happens When We Apply The Principles To All Of Our Affairs

There are miracles and magic in 12 step rooms. It really is quite miraculous that people were able to put down their drug of choice. It didn’t make a difference if it was alcohol, food or drugs. Our stories were almost identical. For years we had attempted to stop using. Time and again we had vowed that this would be the last time, only to go back on our word the next day. Then something quite miraculous happened. We entered into AA, NA or OA and our obsession to use was lifted. For the first time in years or perhaps decades we were free. All things considered it is safe to say that a miracle had taken place.
Then the magic appeared. As we immersed ourselves in the program, and began to work the steps, life began to change. At first these changes were subtle. Perhaps we were a little less reactive on the road, at the dinner table or at work. Over time, fears and resentments began to substantially lessen. We could honestly say that we were happier than we had been in years or even the happiest we had ever been. Pretty miraculous, right?

Personal Reflection: Do I still experience life magic?

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