The Smartest Thing A 12 Step Member Can Say Is Help Me

As we sit in meetings we begin to realize that we all have a lot in common.At a recent meeting a fellow told a story where his car had stalled out right in front of his house. He needed to parallel park the car without any power from the engine. He was struggling to push the car into a space and at the same time turn the wheel of the car. One of his neighbors saw what was happening. He came over and said, “would you like some help”? One would think that in a situation where you are trying to move a 3 thousand pound piece of metal by yourself that you would accept some assistance. Our program friend didn’t think so. He replied, “no thanks, I got it”, and proceeded to push.
At the end of the story, after a round of laughter, there was a lot of identification with what had occurred. Many of us have great difficulty accepting help from any source. We often feel, that by accepting help, we are in some way weak or less than. Not only won’t we accept help we will certainly not ask for it.
As we grow in sobriety we learn the beauty of both accepting and giving help. It is one of the things that defines our fellowship.

Personal Reflection: Am I open to giving and receiving help?

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