Trying To Pray Is Praying

The eleventh step says in part, “sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with G-d”. This proved to be a challenge for many of us in the program. There was those of us who had been brought up in homes where the scientific method was king. The G word was never been mentioned in our households. Prayer was a totally alien concept for us. We asked, “what should I say, how should I say it and when should it be said”? Then there those of us that had been brought up in religous homes. Yes we had prayed, but often under duress. Many grew up with the concept of a harsh punishing G-d. Why we would want to pray to that type of deity?
In the program, we learned to focus on the second part of the eleventh step prayer which qualified our Higher Power as a G-d of our understanding. For those who had felt burnt or betrayed by their religion, they now could relate to a different kind of G-d. That would be one who is accepting, loving and kind. For those who had never even thought about prayer; we were advised to simply speak from our hearts. When we did so, we were assured that our Higher Power would be listening.

Personal Reflection: How do I integrate prayer into my life?

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