You Can’t Give Away What You Don’t Have

The story is told that there were once two brothers. One of them was considered very wise and people flocked to him for his counsel. The other brother almost never had anyone seek him out for advice. The second brother who was rarely visited became highly distraught. He confronted his popular brother and demanded to know why people sought his brother out and rarely consulted him. The popular brother answered him and said, “Do you want to know the difference between you and I dear brother? You can’t understand why people don’t come to you and I can’t understand why people do come to me”.
We humans are attracted to people who have begun to construct essence. We sense that there is something beneath the surface that has power and value. Usually, people who possess magnetic personalities have undergone a lot of hardship and tribulation before arriving at their present state. They are also open to the possibility of continued struggle and growth. They do not see themselves as someone has has already “arrived”. On the contrary, each day is viewed as a new opportunity for growth. They do not regard what thy possess as a protected treasure but freely distribute it to anyone who asks. It is easy to understand why people are attracted to them.

Personal Reflection: Which brother do I more resemble?

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