Do It Sober

Drugs and alcohol often played an almost daily role in our daily routine. In order for us to face another day at work, we turned to our drug of choice. This applied to almost every other aspect of our lives. If we were afraid to ask someone out on a date, we “used” to bolster our courage. When we went to a party, we needed to get ourselves in the right frame of mind and once again we turned to our drug of choice. The list of life’s activities where we showed up drunk or stoned or both was endless. We reached a point where we thought to do otherwise was abnormal.
In early sobriety we feared that showing up sober would be at best boring and at worst terrifying. Slowly, slowly we discovered that this was not the case. We could go to that party sober and still have a great time. We didn’t need to bolster ourselves with alcohol or drugs to navigate life. Along the way we discovered sober 12 step social gatherings that provided a safe alcohol and drug free environment. We even engaged in activities that we had never even dreamed of doing, or were in fear of doing. We truly began to live life on life’s terms without drugs or alcohol.

Personal Reflection: What activity do I love being sober for?

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