Around AA (OA Or NA) Or In AA (OA Or NA)

As members of the fellowship, we have all experienced the following scenario. A fellow or gal will enter the program and earnestly admit to being an alcoholic or addict. They regularly attend meetings for a few days, weeks or months. Then they disappear for months on end. The next time we see them, months later, they are raising their hands and saying, “hi my name is ………., and I have one day back”. We see them at meetings for a few weeks or months and then they disappear again. This cycle can go on for years. Each time they go out, it gets harder and harder to come back. Some of these folks go out and unfortunately never make it back. For those that finally “get it”, they almost always come to the same conclusion as to why they were chronic relapsers. They failed to make their program a priority. When we view something as a life or death situation, we bring a tremendous degree of focus to it. There is no doubt that the disease of addiction can kill us.When we treat our recovery with the respect and priority it deserves, we find that we begin to accumulate sober time.

Personal Reflection: Am I around or in my program?

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