Decisions Aren’t Forever

A newcomer was considering someone from his home group as a sponsor. He had some trepidation about choosing the “right” sponsor. He said to the potential sponsor, “but what if we don’t get along or what if there are problems”? The sponsor chuckled and replied, “we ain’t married”. When you choose a sponsor it needs to work for both parties involved. If it’s not working either one can end the relationship. What this newcomer was going through is very typical behavior for the drug addict or alcoholic.
We were often afraid to make decisions because we believed that they were irreversible. This often resulted in one of two scenarios. Some of us would never make a decision for fear of making a mistake. If we made a mistake, it would just verify just how defective we really were. Others of us would make a decision and upon discovering we had made a mistake, we would just tough it out. Even when all information pointed to us to make a change, we stubbornly stuck it out. We believed it was our duty to do so. In sobriety we have found life to be much more fluid. We have faith in ourselves and in our Higher Power and that few decisions are irreversible. In order to grow we need to decide on the direction our life will take.

Personal Reflection: Have I been delaying making a decision?

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