I Came In For A Tune Up And Ended Up With An Overhaul

One of the most common scenarios in life revolves around car repairs. A person brings their car into a service station. Like many us they brought their car in for a minor issue like an inspection or a tune up. After the mechanic examines the car he walks out and begins to list all of the items that need to be attended to. Some can wait, and others must be dealt with immediately for the car to operate efficiently and safely. If we believe the mechanic, we make the necessary repairs.
The same thing happened to many of us when we first entered the rooms of AA or NA or OA. We believed we might have had a small problem around alcohol, drugs or food. We were looking for a stop gap measure to help us learn how to better use our drug of choice. Perhaps we wanted to become a social drinker or eat without going on binges. What we discovered was that there were no quick fixes or stop gap measures. Once we admitted our powerlessness over drugs and alcohol, then the real work began. When we got honest with ourselves, we began to take a look at all of the other aspects of our life. Just like with our car, many repairs were in order to get us back on the road.

Personal Reflection: What do I still need to repair to have my life run more smoothly?

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