I Came, I Came To, I Came To Believe

Growing in sobriety was definitely a process. For each and every one of us, that journey began with us showing up at a meeting. It was the same initial step regardless of fellowship. AA, NA, OA, or DA; we all started in the same place; with our behinds glued to a seat at a meeting. Those first days, weeks and months were certainly challenging. Many of us had to suffer through withdrawal. A lot of what was being said was confusing because we were still in a bit of a fog.
It took some time but our minds began to clear. In some ways this was probably the most painful stage. It suddenly hit us how we had been on a path of self destruction. Along the way we had hurt many others including family and friends. Besides looking at our past, we for the first time began to look at our character defects. While active, we had utilized our drug of choice to buffer all of those fears, resentments and jealousies. Now, we began to examine ourselves more deeply and what we saw was pretty uncomfortable.
Around this time we discovered that we were not alone. Others in the program were there to help, guide and support us. We also began to turn to a power greater than ourselves; our Higher Power. For many of us this was a reunion with an old friend, for others it was a first time encounter. Regardless, hope had entered our lives.

Personal Reflection: Do I need to strengthen my belief?

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