Call On The Phone Or Contact The Throne

One of our problems was that we tended to isolate. When we were confronted with challenges, our go to plan was usually to tough it out alone. This often ended in only exacerbating the problem. We could also be quite impulsive; acting without thinking. When we entered the program, we began to develop a more reflective and collaborative approach. We used to think that calling someone for feedback meant that we were weak or in some way less than competent. The real weakness was our aversion to seeking out the counsel of others. We actually empowered ourselves by calling other people from the program. Picking up the phone shattered some of our false beliefs about asking for help from others. We pushed through our fears and gained humility at the same time. We also often received advice which provided a pathway to further growth.
Beyond calling others, we developed a more intimate relationship with our Higher Power. On a daily basis, we communed with G-d through prayer and meditation. We asked for daily direction and answers to questions and problems that were plaguing us. Then an interesting thing happened. We found that the more receptive we were to establishing a “conscious contact” with our Higher Power, the more frequently it took place.

Personal Reflection: Are the throne and phone part of my program?

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