Let It Begin With Me

A member was complaining that recently his garbage had not been picked up by his local sanitation department. He lives on a dead end street with 7 houses. The garbage truck periodically forgets to service his block. This usually happens when they are running behind schedule. If someone from the block calls the Sanitation Department, the truck will return and pick up the block’s garbage. On this occasion, the truck did not return. Why? For a simple reason. Everyone on the block assumed that another person had called. The aforementioned member realized that this was a good 12 step lesson. One of the things we learn in the program is to be of service. When we see something that needs to be done,we shouldn’t assume that it’s someone else’s job or responsibility. As soon as we see an opportunity for service, we should grab it. Whether it’s making coffee or going on a speaking commitment, our hand should be the first one raised. This of course extends to beyond the rooms as well. If someone asks for our help, we should feel good that they trust us enough to reach out to us. One of the greatest pleasures we can experience is creating something that didn’t exist before. Whether it’s starting a new meeting, creating a blog like this one or reaching out to become someone’s sponsor there is power in the act of creation.

Personal Reflection: How fast does my hand go up in life?

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