Fear Of The Future; A Recovery Story

Our fear of the future can dog us even in recovery. This was brought home recently at a meeting. A fellow with about a year of sobriety shared that he had been obsessing for about a week. He worked for a large company. He had been informed that he would need to report a week hence to explain a problem involving his personnel records. He immediately concluded that his past had come back to haunt him. Shortly before he entered the program, he had been given a DWI. He was now sure that the company had received a copy of the police report. On the day he was summoned to report, he entered the room to speak to the person in charge. He immediately began to plead his case; explaining that although he had received a DWI, he was now a changed person. His membership in AA had helped him turn his life around. When he finished speaking, the person at the desk looked up and said, “we called you in because you were missing a digit in your social security number on a recent form”.
As he finished telling the story at the meeting, the fellow pointed out how much time and energy he had wasted worrying about something that didn’t even exist. He had come to realize that part of his recovery involved letting go of fear of the future. It’s part of our recovery as well

Personal Reflection: Do I still obsess about the future?

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