Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You

It took courage for us to enter that AA or NA or OA meeting for the first time. Walking down the steps to the meeting we had the impulse to turn around, but we didn’t. Fighting that initial fear was the beginning of our recovery journey. As we went through the steps, we exhibited courage as well. Admitting to our character defects was a daunting process. Making amends to others tapped into inner strength.
With all that said, somewhere along the way, perhaps we became a little too complacent. We began to become very comfortable with the status quo. Our lives had certainly gotten better, yet on some level we had become stuck in a type of static limbo. Our lives had improved greatly but growth had ceased. It was only when we began to take risks again that our evolvement was refueled. We learned that there was a big difference between the “risky behavior” of our past vs taking risks that could provide movement forward in our journey of recovery. Though it might be a bit uncomfortable, pushing through fear of people, places or things could yield big dividends.

Personal Reflection: Have I become stuck in a comfortable place?

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