It’s Amazing The Things We Find To Do; To Avoid Doing Amazing Things

Many of us make daily lists of things we need to do. Upon examination, we often find an interesting phenomenon. There are some items on the list which by day’s end we have accomplished. No matter how busy we are, we seem to be able to pick up the dry cleaning, and pay the phone bill. There are other items which might appear repeatedly on the list for a few days or even a week before they are attended to. Finally, there is the third group. These are items which appear on our list which never seem to be able to be crossed off because we never reach them. Within this category, there are also items which never even make it to the list.
Before program we might have said we never reached these items because our lives were just too busy. When we examined the issue more deeply; we found that fear was at the bottom of our procrastination. Many of us had concerns that trying something new would end in failure. The thought of this was too painful. What would others think of us when they saw how we had screwed things up or were less than perfect. As we grew, we saw that we were missing out on some amazing activities and people. We could experience life full throttle and still make mistakes and be less than perfect.

Personal Reflection: Do I use busy work as a buffer to growth?

2 thoughts on “It’s Amazing The Things We Find To Do; To Avoid Doing Amazing Things

  1. Fear is also at the bottom of my procrastination – especially uncertainty of the future. I’m about to graduate university and I am still unsure of what I want to do or that I too, will fail at something I try. I think because of this I subconsciously want to prolong my time at uni. I used to be a lot better with my time management but ever since my graduation started looming, I’ve found myself procrastinating more!



    • It is definitely a challenge to push through fear and procrastination. When we make that leap across the divide and trust in ourselves and our Higher Power; we move forward. That leap though does take courage. Writing about it and expressing it definitely has power.


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