If You See Someone Wearing The Sick Mask; Don’t Dance With Them

Through our immersion in the 12 step program, we experienced many changes in our lives. Part of the reason that occurred was that we have daily rituals which help reinforce the life changes we have put into place. We have a lot of tools in our tool kit. Most of us call our sponsors almost every day and frequently attend meetings. We also engage in daily prayer and meditation. It is common for us to reach out to others in our program to both give and receive support. All of these actions help solidify our emotional, social and spiritual growth.

Unfortunately, there are many people in the world that don’t have the same kind of support. They engage in all kinds of inappropriate behavior. Some of them are alcoholics and addicts who are still active in their disease. Beyond that, there are many people who are suffering from grave emotional hurts. They say and do things that can often hook us into revisiting some of our own improper behavior. We need to be extremely vigilant around these types of people. We don’t need to take a drink or a drug to act if we had taken one. When these people attempt to engage us, we need to politely disengage from them.

Personal Reflection: Do I still dance with unhealthy people?

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