Get A Sponsor

In early sobriety, the idea of getting a sponsor was quite alien to our way of thinking. Being masters of isolation, the thought of calling someone on a daily basis was quite strange. We felt very uncomfortable talking about ourselves with someone. Behind all these feelings was fear. We were afraid to reveal to another person that we were less than perfect. In fact, many of us deep down inside really did believe that we were perfect. For those of us that admitted that work needed to be done, we had concerns that we would be judged unfavorably. Then of course there was the belief that few people could sponsor us because we were so much smarter and more together than almost anyone else in program.
It was for these very reasons and many more that it was essential that we have a sponsor. The discipline of calling another person on a daily basis was very strengthening for us. Having the opportunity to open up to another person in a completely honest way was very liberating. We began to speak about issues that we had carried around for years and even decades. We found that our sponsors were not there to give us unsolicited advice but to share their life experience and insights from the program. Then one day something quite amazing happened. A person came up to us at the end of a meeting and asked us to sponsor them.

Personal Reflection: How deep is my relationship with my sponsor?

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