It Doesn’t Get Better; I Do

When we compare our lives today against from before we entered the program, we often notice a vast difference. Some of us have been reunited with family members after years of separation and bad feelings. Others have excelled in the work environment after years of dead end and non challenging jobs. There are those who verbalized  dreams which never actualized until they put down their drug of choice. Some of these changes have been almost miraculous in nature. Over time you will encounter well dressed, well spoken members who tell stories of sleeping on top of subway gratings or of stints in prisons and mental institutions. The contrast of their lives from before and after program is most marked. Today, the lives of almost every person in program is better than it was before they entered the program. It’s not that life has gotten any easier. They still have rent or mortgages to pay, jobs to go to and families to interact with. Every day they are still tested with challenging people and situations. What has changed is their ability to cope with adversity. Through the program, thy have developed tools to face and surmount the varied challenges in life. Though they might say that life seems to have gotten easier, the change resides within each of them.

Personal Reflection: How have I gotten better?

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