SLIP (Sobriety Losing Its Priority)

At times it’s very confusing when we encounter someone who had a slip. It’s understandable when a relative newcomer goes out. We congratulate him or her for coming back into the rooms and then move on to the next order of business. What is more startling is when a person with a lot of time picks up their drink or drug of choice. It seems to be almost beyond explanation. Here is someone; that went to hundreds and perhaps thousands of meetings. They often sponsored other members in the program. Step work was a part of their lives. Yet with all that; they had a slip. Upon closer examination, we often find that all of their program practices were past tense in nature. They used to make a lot of meetings; they used to call their sponsor, they used to work the steps on a daily basis. Somewhere along the way their sobriety began to take a backseat to other aspects of their life. What they failed to realize that by keeping their sobriety front and center other aspects of their life would have become more manageable. When they allowed the daily viscitudes of life to push aside their program, loss of sobriety soon followed.

Daily Reflection: Have I allowed sobriety to lose some of its priority?

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