Nobody Raises His Own Reputation By Lowering Others

We are going to meet many different kinds of people in the program. They come from all economic and social strata. Politically we are a diverse group. You will encounter an age range literally from pre teen all the way to great-grandfather. Some of the people we meet we develop a strong emotional connection with. Our relationships often blossom into close friendships.There are many others who we only know well enough to say hi to at meetings. Yet, they often say and do things which we find to be extremely instructive in our recovery.
Of course there are people at the other end of the spectrum. From the moment we met them, it was like oil and water. They often said and did things that just rubbed us the wrong way. In fact, they often had that effect on others in the program as well. With these people we need to be extremely cautious when speaking about them to others. It would be so easy to denigrate them; given that others in the program share our feelings. Perhaps in the past we might have shared our disdain with others. We tore down others to bolster our own self esteem. Today, we know that self esteem is an inside job.

Personal Reflection: Do I still bolster my self esteem at the expense of others?

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