If You Think You Are An Alcoholic (Drug Or Food Addict) Chances Are You Are

How does a person come to the point where they identify themselves as an alcoholic or an addict? Of course each person is different but there are some commonalities. Many people say that when they first started using, it was fun. Somewhere along the way it stopped being a fun experience and became a routine way to bury their pain and fear. For others, there was that moment when the person realized that try as they might, they could no longer control their drinking or substance abuse. When they attempted to put down their drug of choice they were unable to do so. No matter how they tried to sweep that fact away, the fact remained that they could not stopped using.
Admitting to being an alcoholic or addict was a huge first step. The fact that we even entertained the possibility of this being the case was in itself a clue that we needed to enter the program. Although most of us were in deep denial about our situation; somewhere deep inside of us was a voice that knew the truth. That part of us was nourished in the program and developed our capacity to become more honest in other areas of our life.

Personal Refection: What other issues do you “think” you have a problem with?

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