Not One Of Us Has It All Together But Together We Have It All

We used to blithely state that we had it all together. The fact that our lives were often in turmoil was ignored. There were health issues.which were frequently neglected. Many of our relations were in shambles. Work issues came up on an almost daily basis. Yet, with all of these challenges we failed to see that we were asleep regarding awareness of self and the reality of our situation.
As newcomers we often encountered what old timers refer to as “being on a pink cloud”. Free of alcohol,and drugs, we felt better than we had in years. Much of the drama and chaos dissipated as we grew in sobriety. Somewhere along the way, that pink cloud faded and our character defects rose to the surface. For many of us this was a bitter pill to swallow. Weren’t we in program? Hadn’t we become involved in working the steps? We learned humility as we came to understand that no one truly has it “all together”. Yes the program, could help us to grow spiritually and emotionally; but recovery was a lifelong endeavor. It was only through the collective knowledge and experience of others in the program that we got a glimmer of the possibility of significant evolvement.

Personal Reflection: What has the program taught me?

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