G-d Doesn’t Wear A Watch

The world seems to be moving faster and faster. Travel to the remotest regions of the world and you will find fast food restaurants. People respond with road rage to the slightest delays in traffic. We have grown used to instantly ordering a vast array of goods with the click of a mouse. People have a vast selection of television and movies available to them by just pressing their remote. This culture of instant gratification is in sharp contrast to twelve step program. We make no promises of how long it will take you to recover. In reality, we believe that recovery is a lifelong process. You didn’t become an alcoholic or an addict overnight, so you can’t expect to recover in a short time either. Perhaps more than anything we need to develop patience. Relationships that were severely affected by our addictive behavior take time to repair. Changes in our way of interacting with others require months and often years of personal transformative work. Working on specific character defects can and should take a lifetime. As we say in the program, “G-d doesn’t wear a watch”. Perhaps we should put ours away as well.

Personal Reflection: How can I develop more patience?

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