Bring Your Body; The Mind Will Follow

There are so many reasons for not going to a meeting. For the newcomer, many of whom are still in a fog, much of what is being said doesn’t make much sense. They can’t understand why you are talking about your feelings. What does that have to do with drinking, drugs or food? And what are all these references to the twelve steps? For those that have been around for a while, there are also many reasons for not going to a meeting. By this time, seasoned members do “get” the program. However, they come up with “good reasons” for not making a meeting. Now that they have a job, don’t they deserve a break after a hard day at work? Others claim that they need to devote spending more time with their families, often from whom they were estranged in the past.

Whatever the reason, as addicts we need to make meetings. Failure to do so will invariably see an onset of alcoholic behavior. We don’t need to take a drink or a drug to act like we’ve had one. Whenever, we find a reason for not going to a meeting, we need to just point our feet in the right direction. Once there, we will realize that we are in the right place

Personal Reflection: How do I get myself to a meeting when I have an excuse for not going?

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