It Doesn’t Matter So Much Who is Right; But What Is Right

It used to be very important for us to be right. We were the ones when we were driving who wouldn’t let a person into our lane. We would remark, “the sign clearly stated that this lane was the only one for exiting. That driver should have read the sign. I’m not going to let him in”. We then proceeded to get as close as we could to the car in front of us so the person couldn’t merge into our lane. We probably got annoyed at the driver 2 car lengths ahead of us who finally let that fellow in. When it was pointed out to us that perhaps the other driver had missed the sign, was unfamiliar with that route or had changed his mind; we scoffed at that possibility.
In the program, we have over time evolved on this point. We tend to be less wrapped up in who was right and more open to what is right. We are not so quick to judge others unfavorably. Part of the learning curve has been to give people the benefit of the doubt. As we do that, we have become more open, compassionate and giving. We have even learned to let people into our lane when the opportunity arises, because it’s the right thing to do.

Personal Reflection: Am I still attached to being right?

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