You Can’t Sit In A Closet And Pray To G-d To Bring You A Hot Dog

There is a common misconception about the role of our Higher Power in our lives. For example, at a meeting one of the most common expressions is “Let Go and Let G-d”. Many a newcomer, (and some old timers) have a lot of confusion with this statement. It sounds like a person could turn their life around just by making a decision to place their life in the hands of their Higher Power. After that, they just need to sit back and let G-d take over. This line of reasoning will only lead to disappointment. Even if you prayed for a new job for 5 hours straight, chances are you’re not going to get one. You still need to look at the classified advertisements, purchase a new suit, go on interviews and revise your resume. Yes, we do have a strong belief that G-d is ultimately in charge. That on a very deep level whether or not you will get that job is ultimately in the hands of your Higher Power. That being said each of us has to do everything in our power to ensure that we receive the results we so greatly desire.

Personal Reflection: Are my expectations of G-d’s role realistic?

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