Laughter Is The Shock Absorber That Eases The Blows Of Life

In recent years a new type of yoga has evolved. It is known as laugh yoga. To practice laugh yoga one simply gathers with a group of people who experiment with and engage in spontaneous laughter. After a session of laugh yoga people claim to feel more alive, more serene and more positive. People are seeking out this type of yoga because they are not experiencing enough laughter in their lives during their daily interactions. On a certain level it is a sad commentary that people need to seek out others practicing laugh yoga to engage in laughter.
Long before laugh yoga, people in 12 step recognized the power of laughter. As we examined our character defects, many of us noted that we seemed to lack the capacity to laugh at ourselves. Perhaps this was due to our perfectionism, our grandiosity or our fear of the disapproval of others. As we began to explore the concepts of humility and averageness; our ability to find humor in the travails of life greatly increased. As we stopped taking ourselves so seriously, some of those road bumps of life began to lessen or even disappear. As we examined our past, we were quite amazed as to how often we got hooked into negativity by daily occurrences. Now, not only did we no longer get hooked; we could often even laugh about these very same events.

Personal Reflection: When was the last time I had a really good laugh?

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